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Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With the weather is cooling down and the rainy season coming, now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons.

Below is a checklist that I've created for you to get your home ready for the cooler months. 


Gutters - Clean out the gutters and replace if needed.

Roof - Check for damage, warped or missing shingles, and replace or repair anything that may not last through the winter. 

Moss - Scan your roof for moss growth, this is an easy and quick fix that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Critters - Check roof overhangs and patch up any holes or openings where birds, rodents, squirrels, etc. could make their new home. 

Chimney - Have your chimney professional cleaned and inspected before using it. You don't want to settle in for the first cozy fire of the season and have your home filled with smoke, or worse. 


Doors & Windows - Seal any gaps around your windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulking. This will keep your home warm and your heating bills down. 

Walls & Foundation - Check for cracks that could allow moisture in your home. Larger cracks will require a professional, however, hairline cracks can be easily patched with grout or quick-dry cement. 

Lighting - Make sure all your exterior lighting is working as it should be and that nothing needs replacing. It's going to start getting dark much earlier and you'll want to make sure your yard and entryway are properly lit for the safety of yourself and others. 

Outdoor Electrical Outlets - Shut off the power to any outdoor electrical outlets that will not be used during the winter season. Also, cover them with all-weather guards to ensure they're in good condition for next summer. 


Trim your trees and shrubs - By giving your trees and shrubs and good trim, it can prevent damage that could be caused by an unexpected snowfall. 

Branches - Remove any risky tree branches that could cause damage in stormy weather, particularly the branches in close proximity to your house, powerlines, or over the roof. 

Rake the leaves - While it may look nice with all the fall leaves blanketing your lawn, if not removed, they can trap moisture and cause your grass to rot. 

Hoses & Faucets - Drain your hoses and store them somewhere inside, they can retain residual water and freeze in the winter causing cracks and breakage if not cared for properly. Insulating any outdoor pipes or faucets can also prevent freezing and damage over the cooler months. 

Patio furniture - Yes, it's called "outdoor furniture" but it's not "all-season furniture". Store your patio furniture in a shed or your garage if possible, or cover with a fitted water-proof tarp. 


Air Con Units - Remove window air conditioning units before the temperatures drop or cover them with an insulated wrap to keep the cold air out. 

Attic - A quick visit up to the attic can save a lot of hassle later on. Check for rodents, moisture, and moldy insulation. These should all be removed, replaced, or fixed before the cool air arrives. 

HVAC - Hire a pro to come in and check your HVAC and replace the filters. New filters can keep your heating costs down and air clean.  

Detectors & Alarms - Test and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. 

Lose the Lint - Remove the lint from your dryer vents as it can be an extreme fire hazard. This can be done by a professional or you can do on your own if you're able to reach them easily. 


Snow supplies - Dig out your shovel and snow blower, move them somewhere handy and easily accessible. 

Rock Salt - Stock up on rock salt now, before the weather freezes so you're prepared. 


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